Club rules for visitors There are different entry requirements for people visiting a registered club that are outlined in the Registered Clubs Act 1976 and Bankstown RSL own rules.

Signing in


A visitor can enter a club that allows temporary membership if they:

  • live more than 10 km away from the club or other distance a club has set are a member of another club of an RSL or Bankstown Sports Club.
  • You are a member of another club and invited to attend an organised sporting event

Upon arrival you will usually sign in and be given a temporary membership. You will be asked to present photo ID, like a driver licence that shows your current address. If you are attending a sporting event you won’t be required to sign in.

Bankstown RSL may limit the number of times a person is admitted as a temporary member through their club policy. Policies like this encourage people who visit the club to apply for full membership.


Attending a function

If you are attending an event, like a wedding, and are not eligible to enter as a temporary member, you can usually enter as a guest of a member attending the wedding. The club's rules may limit the number of guests a member can sign in and the club should make the event organiser aware of this at the time of booking the function.


Guest of a member

Members are able to sign in their own guests. Guests are the member’s responsibility and should remain in the company of the member. A guest must:

  • enter their name and address in the register and have it countersigned by the member within reason, remain in the company of the member leave the club when the member does, or earlier.

Entry for minors

Minors, or under 18s, are permitted to enter registered clubs in line with the club's rules.

Minors must:

remain in the company and immediate presence of a member who is a responsible adult, such as a parent or guardian, or other person who is standing in as a parent
leave the club when the member does, or earlier.

Minors aren’t permitted to enter or stay in the bar area of a club or hotel, unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult and are:

  • passing through the area to gain access to another area of the club
  • performing in the bar area as part of a show
  • attending a wedding reception of a member (or that member's child or parent), or invited by a person entitled to issue an invitation.

Clubs can also apply for the following authorisations:

Non-restricted area authorisation
When approved, a club can allow under 18s to access areas of a club that are not gaming areas in the company of a responsible adult.

Club functions authorisation

A club functions authorisation allows a club to allow under 18s and non-members to enter a specific area of the club's venue to attend a function. At the end of the function minors must leave the club or be in the guardianship of an adult who is authorised to be in club.

  • A club functions authorisation has the following conditions, but only to the extent that it authorises functions for under 18s on the club premises:
  • at least 7 days notice must be given to the local police before any function is held
    the notice must specify the:

    • name and nature of the function
    • number of minors attending
    • number of adult supervisors
    • details of the security arrangements
    • other particulars that may be included in the regulations
  • the secretary of the club and person conducting the function must comply with any directions given by the local police or the Authority with respect to the conduct of functions for minors
  • liquor must not be sold, supplied, disposed of or consumed in the area in which any function is held
  • gaming machines must not be located in the area in which any function is held and any area of the club in which gaming machines are located must not be accessible to any minor attending the function

For more details about the above authorisations refer to Sections 22A, 23 and 23A of the Registered Clubs Act 1976.